French Press Brewing Guidelines

French Press Brewing Guidelines

Prepping up:

  • Grind Coffee to medium coarse grind size*
  • Prep Hot Water in the french press to preheat the french press
  • Coffee grounds 20 gm
  • Water 250 ml per 20 gm

Brewing Process:

  • Put the coffee grounds into the french press ( 20 gm )
  • Pour 50 ml water ( not steaming hot) in a circular motion to get the coffee grounds wet.
  • Wait for 30 seconds to help the coffee degass. Await the bloom.
  • Pour the remaining 200 ml water into the press in a circular motion,Move from centre to the corners in concentric circles inward or outward.
  • Cover the lid and time 4 minutes for brewing
  • At 4 Minutes Press the plunger down to the bottom and pour the contents into your cup and enjoy the brewGet your dopamine on

Get your dopamine on