Pour Over ( single serve )

Pour Over ( single serve )


  • Start with a clean equipment
  • Preheat the cup to be served & set the salvar
  • Coffee grounds 15 gm one cup (Depending Upon Coffee)
  • Water 250 ml per 15 gm of coffee

Brewing Process:

  • Prep clean filter paper into the Pour over and pour hot water to remove any lingering taste of paper
  • Put the coffee grounds into the filter paper ( 15 gm )
  • Pour 50 ml water ( not steaming hot) in a circular motion to get the coffee grounds wet. Move from centre to the corners in concentric circles
  • Wait for 30 seconds to help the coffee degass. Await the bloom.
  • Pour 100 ml water into the grounds in a circular motion and wait for 15 seconds for the pour to descend in the cup.
  • Once the previous pour has settled into the cup below then pour the remaining 100 ml into the coffee grounds and let it filter through.
  • Once the water has filtered through you should have a brew ready to be poured into your cup.
  • Remove the filter top and pour the contents into your cup and enjoy a fresh brew.